What Materials Are Used in Sex Dolls?

If you’re not ready for a full-body doll, consider a torso doll. These dolls include everything a butt doll has, but with added breasts and a chest. Torso dolls are also cheaper, and many sites offer extensive customization options.

Typically made of medical-grade silicone or TPE, these dolls are designed for pleasure. They’re softer, squishier and more realistic than latex. Some even have touch sensors that evoke arousal and audible moans.


Silicone is the material of choice for most high-end sex dolls. It is flexible, slip-resistant and odorless. It is also available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including as small as an ankle or as large as a full-body. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is another popular option for sex doll manufacturers. It’s similar to silicone, but it’s more durable and affordable.

Some men use sex dolls as stand-in partners or to explore fantasies they’re not comfortable sharing with a real person. Others find them reassuring and helpful when their romantic partners are unfaithful or unavailable.

Sex dolls are not porous, but they should be cleaned regularly with a warm soapy shower or bath. They should be wiped down after each use and any orifices should be cleaned immediately after.


TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer, and it is used in sex dolls to achieve the look and feel of real skin. It is a mix of plastic and rubber, which makes it very flexible. TPE is also very soft and can be molded into small details such as mouths and noses. It is easy to clean and resistant to markings.

However, TPE sex dolls should be sterilized regularly to ensure their hygiene. If they are not properly cleaned, erogenous spots like anus and vagina can absorb moisture from the user, leading to mold build up and other problems. To prevent this, sex dolls should be sterilized on a regular basis with hydrogen peroxide. This will keep the doll clean and smelling fresh. It will also help prevent the doll from retaining water through its pores.


Sex dolls UK are a great way to play with femininity and defy the early childhood directive “dolls are for girls.” They are also good for those who have social anxiety, shyness or phobias. In fact, many sex doll owners claim that owning one helps them to feel less anxious and more confident in intimate situations.

One of the biggest issues with sex doll clothing is that it can stain the silicone or TPE body. To prevent this, it is important to wash any new clothes thoroughly before using them. It is also a good idea to choose clothes made of materials that do not pass color onto the doll’s skin.

Tight garments should also be used with caution as they can cause dents in the skin of a sex doll. For example, tight bras and corsets can cause permanent dents in the breasts if left on for too long.


RealDoll is a full-size sex doll that replicates the appearance and texture of human bodies. It has a poseable PVC skeleton and silicone flesh. It can be used for sexual exploitation or for companionship. It can also be used to simulate intercourse.

The mouth opens realistically, and the anal orifice feels soft upon entry. The company pays special attention to texture, and the RealDoll X feels very lifelike. It also has removable vaginal inserts that make it easier to clean than other brands.

The company has also developed a digital girlfriend app that lets users create an emotional bond with their dolls. This is a great way to experience sex and companionship with an avatar without the guilt of cheating on your real-life partner.


Many sex dolls come with mouths and anuses which make them perfect for oral satisfaction. This type of sex is clean and does not carry the risks that come with some women like bad breath or even STD’s. Sex dolls do not get dirty and are easy to keep clean.

Top rated real girl sex dolls such as Stacia have great lips that feel amazingly real when you put your cock inside of them. The breasts also feel real and the pussy is ribbed so you can feel the full sensation that you would have with a real woman. Moreover, these dolls do not juggle between you and their friends or other men, making them an excellent choice for a committed relationship. In fact, some users have reported sincere relationships with their sex dolls that go beyond sexual pleasure.

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